Cool Bongs

Whether you're into heady, scientific, or cutting-edge glass pieces and bubblers, we have something awesome for you in this super cool collection. Whether you need something really eye-catching at party, or just something fun to take on vacation, we have got some of the coolest water pipes for you. It doesn't just look cool, but it actually works amazingly. Each of these designs as “cool” because of a unique feature they possess: Some include a unique perc, others are unique in size, a few been chosen simply for their cool function. we’re big fans of water pipes. If you’re looking for the cool glass bongs , then worry no more, here is our cool bongs 2021:

1.Glow In The Dark Mushroom Glass bong

These glasswater pipes stand 11 inches tall and features glow in the dark mushroom decalsand a glow in the dark Infinity Glass logo. These beakers have a built-in3-pinch ice catcher which makes for cooler, smoother hits. Includes a 18mmglass herb slide and removable downstem.

2.Showerhead Perc Cloud Shape Gradual Rectangle Bongs

Colorful andportable mini fruite dab rig! whether you tend to do your dabbing at home orenjoy getting together with friends, your seshes will be more fun when you usethis little guy! This is a sturdy concentrate rig you can use with one hand. Itmakes the perfect gift for any concentrate lover. 

3.Mushroom Cross Percolator Big Glass Bongs

This glassbeaker has an EXTRA THICK base that is approximately 18mm and is all clear qualityborosilicate glass. It features a slitted diffuser downstem in the bell-shapedbeaker. The chamber immediately above houses a reinforced 8-arm tree percolatorfor added strength. The smoke travels through ice pinches before exiting theneck and mouthpiece.

4.Swiss Perc Fab Egg Glass Beaker Bongs 

Absolutely astunning piece! The Beaker Fab Egg dab rig is the perfect combination oflightweight, portable convenience and smooth, powerful hits. Standing at about9.5 inches, this dab rig is the best way to appreciate the power and quality ofa fab egg virtually anywhere. With an optimal level of water in the bong’s mainchamber, the showerhead and Swiss percolator will diffuse the smoke and filterit to provide the smoker with perfect flavor and smooth, pleasant hits. Theclassic beaker base ensures stability on any flat surface and its compact sizemakes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. We even include a glass bowl andquartz banger for no extra charge

5.Klein Recyclers Dab Rigs

Klein Recylertechnology dab rig keeps the water and smoke constantly flowing as it firsthits a drum percolator,Faberge egg percolator, and finally a mini tornadopercolator to ultrafilter your smoke and provide a limit breaking smokingexperience.

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