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6 arms tree Percolator,Condenser Coil,freezable,Diffused Downstem,Build a Bong,Beaker Bong

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Tree Perc Glass Bongs Condenser Coil Freezable Water Pipes Or Oil Rigs Description:

It is a perfect piece for smokers who enjoy ultra-cool hits without the mess of using ice cubes. It features a removable top half which can be cooled in the freezer for unmatched smoking sessions. The removable coil changes the game for smoke cooling. This removable piece enables smokers to easily detach it, and store it in the freezer. After it has been cooled, you can then re-attach it to the bong, with the included and easy-to-use keck clips. This simple step will help you to achieve the ultimate smoke temperature each time. The coil also acts as a splashguard.

Beside from cooling effect, the clear downstem and tree perc in the middle piece add double filtration to maximize the pure flavor. And the beaker shape is ideal for generating large bong rips and an excellent choice for smokers who enjoy filtration and cool hits. With a flared mouthpiece, you can rest assured that all of your smoke will go toward the smoker, rather than escaping through the top.

It is noted that the water should not be fully added and the removable piece should be stored on top rather than being frozen. Otherwise, the removable piece will break due to the large temperature difference and the bulking ice.

Choose between green and blue models dab rig to compliment any space.


Material: Glass

Color: Blue, Green

Joint: 18mm Female Joint

Height: 42cm (16.5inch glass bong)

Net Weight: about 560g (19.8oz)

Base Width: 10cm (4inch)

Glass Thickness: 3mm

Downstem Length: 12cm (4.72inch)

You will receive: 1pc glass bong + 1pc matching color glass bowl + 1pc clear downstem + 2pc keck clips

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